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GDPR is coming

Winter twigs and leaves

This is our first blog post in a while and after chatting to a few people at the recent Drupalcamp London I thought it would be good to push for more blogs posts as it seems like there is a great deal of work we handle that the Drupal community probably needs to talk about a bit more. We at Freely Give have been working on native Drupal CRM for a great many years now. We have finally gotten some budget to migrate our work to Drupal 8. I'll talk a bit more about what that means in a later blog post. But the reason many of our clients have wanted this migrate is to get them ready for GDPR. As a result we have both gotten the budget for and planned for a great deal of working making Drupal much more GDPR compliant. We are planning a series of functionality that will likely find its way into the gdpr module on As a result in the next days and weeks I will be writing up a few blog posts on a number of issues:


  • A summary of a white paper we'll produce showing our overall GDPR implementation strategy. Obviously it comes with the disclaimer that this is just our research and we are not lawyers but it is the document we have shown to a number of our clients and so it will likely be useful for organisations just starting to think about GDPR (despite it being only months away!). I hope we'll get some input and comments on this, as I'm sure there are individuals in the Drupal community that have a take on certain aspects of this that differs from ours.
  • An overview of the specific plans we have for our contribution to the GDPR module itself. This will be more techy and aimed at the specific Drupal pages and code we plan.
  • A series of more detailed looks into specific areas of GDPR
  • How this impacts native Drupal CRM.


I hope this content will be helpful for pushing Drupal forward with this coming legalisation!


Submitted by Jamie Abrahams on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 10:54