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A Proposed Drupal privacy initiative and the Cross CMS privacy group.

Apr 5

Note this is a copy of page: At this point in the history of the open web, privacy is arguably the key issue in software development. As a range of scandals arising from the misuse of data bring pressure on governments and civil society to take action, it is important for software projects - including Drupal - to take proactive steps to value, resource, and support privacy work.

By: Jamie Abrahams| Category: Business CRM, GDPR

Lightning fast introduction to the GDPR

Apr 30

This is an introduction to the new GDPR module that we're working on. This is aimed for people who already have a good understanding of the GDPR and want a fast introduction to the features with little explanation.

By: Jamie Abrahams| Category: GDPR, Videos

GDPR is coming

Mar 7

This is our first blog post in a while and after chatting to a few people at the recent Drupalcamp London I thought it would be good to push for more blogs posts as it seems like there is a great deal of work we handle that the Drupal community probably needs to talk about a bit more. We at Freely Give have been working on native Drupal CRM for a great many years now. We have finally gotten some budget to migrate our work to Drupal 8. I'll talk a bit more about what that means in a later blog post. But the reason many of our clients have wanted this migrate is to get them ready for GDPR.

By: Jamie Abrahams| Category: GDPR

Why Drupal Native CRM?

Apr 20

A session by James Abrahams giving a presentation of Drupal Native CRM at Drupal Developer Days 2015 in Montpellier, France.

By: Andrew Belcher| Category: Business CRM
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